The oil painting is perfect for painting on a canvas

Purchase good quality oil painting equipment, the best you can afford to buy. If you’re just starting out, you can find a lot of this material by looking for gift boxes containing all or almost all items, sometimes with a beautiful wooden storage box or a table easel. At a minimum, you will need the following items.

A canvas stretched the size of the painting you want to make. It is also a good idea to buy several small boards of canvas board to train and do preparatory studies. You can also use canvas paper or canvas in the notebook as long as they are suitable for oil painting and have been prepared with gesso. Try to choose a small board that has exactly the same proportions as your stretched canvas, but if you do not find one, take a larger board on which you can relate the shape of the canvas.
Oil paint tubes corresponding to a basic palette. If you buy a box, it should contain most of the essential colors.

The smallest basic palette includes red, blue, yellow, burnt Sienna and a large white tube. If you buy Winsor and Newton paintings, take lemon yellow, permanent pink and ultramarine blue or French ultramarine (their chemical composition is close). If you choose primary colors in a collection with more colors, use crimson alizarin or red that has the most purple shade, not red that tends to orange. You can get away without burning Sienna but it has a purpose beyond mixing. If you do not have this color, use brown with a red shade.

webmasterThe oil painting is perfect for painting on a canvas